The Needlecase

No raking leaves for this group.  They must have a lawn service . . .

I’m sewing this morning and needed a new needle–and took a second
glance at this old needlecase.  (Ha! now I’m taking a third glance–see below)


This little family isn’t raking–must have a lawn service.  Hard to tell with
those heavy drapes.  Click photo to enlarge . . .

This group is certainly into sewing—daughter all dressed up with necklace
and black high heeled shoes–sewing while watching TV.  And Mama also
in pearls, sewing.  Blonds, of course.

What is Mama sitting on?  I see a broad arm to a  chair or sofa, but there is
no other part on her other side–is she perched on a little stool on the other
side of a chair?  I suppose it’s tricky to get them all seated close enough to
the TV—drawing isn’t easy, you know.  Try it.

Dad, in suit and tie, not sewing–enjoying a cup of coffee–with a real cup and
saucer–no mug here.  Is the part in his hair OK with you?  He certainly has
quite a head of hair—-or a tall head or something.  Well, anyway he’s
with the little group–home from work?  works from home?  going out in a
few minutes?  Just wanted to catch this show?

Hard to tell what the gals are sewing

What’s that at the base of the TV stand?  phone book?  very thick magazine–oh,
maybe a catalog?  Sears Roebuck or Montgomery Ward.  Can’t tell.  I think I’ll go
with phone book to show how modern the family is—TV and a phone.  Or maybe
the illustrator DIDN’T KNOW what there might be under the TV.  You and I
know that it probably would have been a TV Guide.

And when I look closely—hard to because the photo goes pretty blurry—could
I be wrong?  Is the little girl on the TV also sewing?

I’d like to meet the person who did this illustration for “100 Gold Eye Needles
and Threader” and talk things over.  Hm–made in Japan.  So this is how it
was understood Americans might use the product.  I’d guess 1950s was the
date of manufacture.

Well, I’ve milked this along far enough–back to my sewing.

THE THIRD GLANCE:  Is something the matter with daughter’s right arm/
shoulderblade/back?  What’s that line there?  Maybe she’s not the daughter–
maybe SHE’s the wife (something wrong with her back tho) and the woman
with no chair is the sister-in-law, smiling at hubby.

Is hubby asleep?  Eyelashes kind of downward.  Watch the coffee!  Well,
they certainly ARE some eyelashes, aren’t they?

To be continued . . . or not.


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4 Responses to The Needlecase

  1. booksilver says:

    Could it be a game box under the TV? Perhaps after the show is over, the little family group will gather together to play Scrabble (was Scrabble around in the 50s?) or Monopoly.

    • booksandbuttons says:

      Hi Booksilver–I think it looks more like a book with pages . . .
      and it seems to have a title–and–looking with my magnifying glass–
      it looks! it looks!! like there’s a loose page sticking out –or a page
      stuck in–see it?

  2. FictionFan says:

    It’s just so typical – the women working away while the man sits back drinking coffee! Gah! We should march on him and hit him with our feminist placards! But first let’s make sure our shoes are co-ordinated with our handbags…

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