The Red Spoon

I’ll clear up this little mystery about the “red spoon” that is in
my jigsaw puzzle box.   One of my readers even sent a photo with
one of *her* puzzle boxes with a red spoon in it–for luck!  Cute.

I’m afraid the reason it’s there isn’t half as interesting as the guesses
some people had.  But—as you know, I collect buttons.  And when I
go to a flea market, or a show, and have to look/sort/hunt through
hundreds of buttons—I use a pen or something in my handbag to
move them around so I don’t have to get germs on my hands.
(Why not use rubber gloves?  you ask, but this is MY story.)

And that seemed like a good idea for the 1000 pieces of jigsaw puzzle.
Not that there are germs—but the added advantage of not having to
handle all those cardboard-y pieces and get my hands dried out and
chapped when cold weather is coming on.   I work with fabric a lot
and in the winter dryness is an issue.  So with cardboard.  OK, it
borders on paranoia–let’s call it foibles.  More fun to say, too!

Well, I warned you that it wasn’t interesting.  Let’s just say the reason is
because red is so cheery.

the red spoon ©booksand buttons

the red spoon ©booksand buttons

Now we can get on with the holidays without worrying about this mystery.

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