Stuffed Frog for Christmas

We’re nearly there!  One week to go and working on the plans.
It’s fun to remember the old get-togethers, and to look forward
to the new.

This year we’ll have a mixed family—no, not the type you might
think of, but the vegans and the meat eaters.  What to serve!  It
reminds me . . .

of the time I was visiting our daughter and she was serving supper–
“Salad and chicken soup!” she announced.

“There’s chicken in this?!” asked one of the granddaughters, amazed.

“Well, chicken broth,” answered Daughter–probably trying to entice me
into the healthful meal with broad claims of chicken.

Have to love what the kids say—years ago my mother was visiting my
sister and her family.  They were a pretty no-frills family, and when they
sat down to dinner one of the kids asked, “What’s the butter on a plate for?”

Well, back to today.  I am busy making a stuffed frog.  This is not for dinner
at all, of course, but for a gift to my old girlfriend.

We grew up together and I mean from first grade up.  She knew my toys,
I knew her toys.  One year a family friend, a mother of an employed
pharmacist, (D’s parents owned the drug store) made D a cloth stuffed
frog for Christmas.  D promptly named him Froggy.  We loved Froggy.
He was really good-sized—probably larger than you would like an
actual frog to be—bigger than a fist.   “Fist size” is plenty large a frog for
me.  No, this frog was about the size of a basketball.  He was green and
yellow—green on top and yellow for his underbelly.  His eyes were
globular and happy looking.  In fact, Froggy was a happy looking companion.

I’ve often heard D bemoan the fact that she no longer has him–wishes she
had kept him.

I decided I would try to make Froggy again–a reincarnation–and I looked
on the internet for an old pattern which the pharmacist’s mother might
have used.  Found a McCalls pattern from the 1950s and am using it. The
pattern proclaims INSTANT (!) but so far I’m not finding that.   I hope
it will turn out to resemble good old Froggy.  to be continued . . .






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4 Responses to Stuffed Frog for Christmas

  1. Buttondeb says:

    Froggy’s legs look very…limber. How tightly will you stuff him?
    And does D read your blog?

    • booksandbuttons says:

      Hm–already trouble in River City, I mean North Pole. Froggy’s
      body, made up, seems to be smaller than I remember him. Maybe when
      his limber legs are attached . . . I wonder if the old lady had
      a larger pattern—or made it larger? or my memory isn’t as sharp
      as I think it is! ps–D doesn’t read my blog.

  2. Stefanie says:

    Oh what a wonderful gift you are making for your friend! I am sure she will love it!

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