Mrs. Malory and a Necessary End by Hazel Holt

I wonder if she’s any relation to Victoria Holt.  Anyway, Mrs.
Malory is asked to fill in –working in a charity shop—for a short
time and agrees.  The work is rewarding, but the man who manages
the shop, Desmond Barlow, is a pain in the neck.  Don’t worry
–he is killed—murdered.

Who done it?  There aren’t that many suspects frankly, and I began
to wonder how Hazel’s mind worked.  This was my first Hazel Holt
so I didn’t know if she’d label someone a murderer willy-nilly or if
she’d follow the tried and true—“no, that can’t be the murderer–not
a FRIEND of Mrs. Malory.”

I won’t tell you the answer, of course, but I will say that next time around
I’ll know that Hazel Holt is a Jessica Fletcher sort of writer . . . a ‘ yes, sad
but true’ sort of a solution.

First line: “It’s only for a couple of days a week,” Monica said.

And I’ll tell you another thing—I’m headed toward buying stock in TEA!!
In her zest to show that this is an English mystery, my word! the amount of
tea that is offered, sipped, needed, etc.  Sorry, it was noticeable.

But, bottom line, good company for a few nights.  Will choose another
Hazel Holt at some point.

Two button review:

two small plastic buttons from the 1950s ©booksandbuttons

two small plastic buttons from the 1950s ©booksandbuttons

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