Reindeer Mittens!

Oh, I suppose you think it’s too late in the season to be knitting mittens.
Well, this all started last fall when one of our little granddaughters asked me
to knit her some mittens—some purple mittens . . .

So I did and I gave them to her for Christmas.  Fast forward to February
and I asked her if she was wearing the mittens.  She said she was.

The older sister looked at me and shook her head—she WASN’T wearing
the mittens the look said.  But older sister said that she would like some
mittens if I would knit some—and she would wear them.

What color? I asked and O.S. said green.

I had a lovely shade of green of very nice wool in my stash and I decided
to make the mittens green—–and add in a pretty blue reindeer pattern
on the back of the mittens.  The colors would be so pretty together.

Saving time (!) I knit both mittens at once on one needle—the left and
the right mitten.  This meant not only carefully following the pattern of
the deer, but REVERSING the pattern for the opposite hand.

For a while I thought the old brain wasn’t capable of this tactic anymore–
but was determined.  And I knitted away–still courting last minute snowstorms
–and debates and primary nights–and yesterday finished the darned reindeer
patterns on each mitten–reversed.  Fine.  So proud.

One problem—I forgot to knit in the thumbs!!!!  Can you believe it?  Could I
believe it?

O’Half said to just sew them up as they were.  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha . . . . men
might think an 11 year old girl would wear a “sock” for a mitten but they are

Pride goeth before a fall.  I will humbly unravel the beautiful blue reindeers
from the mittens and start again.  Now it’s official that there will be no late
winter gifts of green mittens.  These will be for next Christmas.

the reindeer mittens©booksandbuttons

the reindeer mittens©booksandbuttons

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4 Responses to Reindeer Mittens!

  1. Buttondeb says:

    Wait! Don’t unravel them! They are so pretty, and the colors are great. How about leaving the tops open, and OS can wear them as hand warmers? ( over gloves or without). I’ll bet she would think that was very cool!
    PS I am beyond impressed with your skill. Two mittens at one time! No wonder you forgot to thumb them . Both sides of your brain were completely engaged-there was no brain space available for thumbs!

  2. Stefanie says:

    Oh no! That seems like something I would do 🙂

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