Mrs. Malory Death Among Friends by Hazel Holt

Who’s ready for a cozy mystery story? This is my second Hazel Holt–
see other review here: mrs-malory-and-a-necessary-end-by-hazel-holt/
which I read in December . . .

This first line is “Oh, Lord! . . .she’s at it again!” and we are introduced to
another mystery where there is a pain in the neck running things—this time
the community hall. Freda is very efficient but rubs everyone the wrong way
with her self-assuredness and prickly personality. Happily for all of us she
gets murdered.

Then we must figure out who done it–and that’s a pleasurable read for a few
evenings.CIMG6549 Holt

Are there an awful lot of characters? I guess not —it IS a little town where our protagonist, Sheila Malory, lives.  And Ms Holt has some great believable scenes with her characters stepping right into people we identify with. Add in some of the regulation English tea and cheese and biscuits and you get the idea.

Go ahead–read it–kind of fun–Then we can discuss whether you liked the
ending or not!  I’ll grant it a three button mystery review.

three antique mother of pearl carved buttons ©booksandbuttons

three antique mother of pearl carved buttons ©booksandbuttons

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