Stranger in the Night


Was that you?


What IS that?

It’s the house settling. I’ve heard it since we moved in here.

For five years?


It’s 1:47. Go to sleep.

What IS that?

It sounds like it’s coming from — is there any attic over in this corner?

I think it sounds like it’s near the windows.

No, if you’d get out of bed and listen — you’d see it’s coming from over here.

. . .

Let’s put the outside lights on.

The neighbors will think there’s something wrong.

There IS something wrong. Ha — maybe Cheryl and Warren can see what’s on the roof –call them. Just kidding.

I don’t think it’s on the roof. I think it’s in the wall.

Great.  . . . I wonder — Gloria sometimes opens the window when she cleans. Maybe

a bird got caught between the window and the screen. Don’t open the window!

Sounds like it has more heaviness than a bird.  Like a raccoon. They were in that tree last summer.

Fine.  It could be a bat— remember there was a bat in the guest room that time. Where are you?

I’m going downstairs.

Check the living room ceiling — -way up — with your flashlight. Maybe a bird got in.

. . .

I don’t see anything. Woody’s up and barking now.

It could be a bat or a bird or a squirrel — those are the most likely. I think the lights on have quieted it down.

Well, there’s nothing we can do about it tonight. Maybe we have to call an exterminator.

He’d have to come at 2 in the morning — sleep in our bed with us to hear it. THEN we’d be sorry we never got a king size —

(Or she.)

. . .

Ah! where IS it? It can’t get in, right? Maybe I’ll go sleep in the guest room.

OK — you were going to try that for your back anyway.

Yeah, but there was that bat that time, maybe I’ll stay here.

Put in your earplugs.

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