Reading in July and a summer reading list for 2016

Hel-l-o-o-o! from way back when . . .

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I took an unexpected and UNWanted vacation for six weeks—sorry, didn’t mean to drop you like a hot potato–

But I’m sort of ‘back’ and must get the two of

us together about our summer reading plan.  Ha, say you, WHAT summer reading plan.  Oh, surely you jest.  We’ll get something down in black and white right now this morning.


I just finished reading The Clocks by Agatha Christie—I gallop to Christie for easy, comfy
reading in times of stress.  Yes, I had read 
The Clocks before, and remembered much too much of it, but still—Christie is so good, one could read them over and over (and “one’ does!)

When I consider making a summer reading list, I go to my folder of “good reading” lists–yikes–do I still have all of THOSE unchecked?  and then to the computer.  Found an interesting site; “ books for college bound kids”  Yikes! you mean I never

read THOSE either?  If not now, when?

Back to earth.  I’ve already decided to read Don Quixote this summer and have a fine new copy ready (if I can find it) and sort of have been thinking of reading my oldish copy of a
biography of Eleanor Roosevelt. No, not the new one sweeping the book news; The Firebrand and the First Lady,but my coypy of Eleanor Roosevelt byBlanche Wiesen Cook
published in 1992 which covers the years 1884 to 1933. That should satisfy me for a while!

And what about a bit of Shakespeare? The one, they say, to read –if only one–is Hamlet.

Shall we?  Macbeth?  A Midsummer Night’s DReam?  Which? Any? Eyes glazing over?

Maybe that Archbishop title by Willa Cather and get that one off the charts. . .

And The Wives of Los Alamos by
Tara Shea Nesbitt which if book club selection for July ******


OK, here’s a bit of a list—————–

The Wives of Los Alamos
Don Quixote
Death Comes for the Archbishop
A Midsummer Nighr’s Dream
Eleanor Roosevelt

I’ll be lucky if I finish Don Quixote and I know it!

REady? Get Set? Go! Tell me your own list—–

Oh, The Clocks by Agatha C?  Threemystery button review!

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three vintage blue glass buttons©booksandbuttons


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10 Responses to Reading in July and a summer reading list for 2016

  1. FictionFan says:

    Glad you’re back – hope everything’s OK, or getting back to being OK at least.

    Hmm… I’d ditch the Dream and go for Macbeth, and then watch the fab Judi Dench/Ian McKellen version…

    Enjoy your summer reading!

  2. booksilver says:

    Great to see you back!
    I don’t have a list, but here are three books I recently read or am reading that are worth the read:

    The Good Thief’s Guide to Amsterdam, by Chris Ewan — This is a “caper” novel, kind of an homage to Lawrence Block’s Bertie novels.
    Do No Harm, by Henry Marsh — Essays/memoir by a British neurosurgeon, thoughtful and humbling.
    Dimestore: A Writer’s Life, by Lee Smith — Still in the middle of this one. Set of essays chronicling this writer’s childhood growing up in an Appalachian town as the daughter of the dimestore owner.

  3. Buttondeb says:

    Happy to have you back. My inbox just wasn’t the same without you!
    Am almost through “The Wives..” Finding myself wanting to read more on the subject.

  4. Mary Jo says:

    Yay! It’s so fine to be reading your blog again! I think I will plan on the Willa Cather, and am looking for a nice Agatha Christie collection, based on your words of recommendation – the “galloping” etc — wow! But my big read right now is Annie Proulx’s “Barkskins”. I read the sample and was hooked. I have deep ancestral roots in French Canada, so have a great interest in reading about those early times. And she throws in some French words so maybe I’ll learn French again for the 100th try … Well, looking forward to your next post!!

  5. Stefanie says:

    Don Quixote is fun though I found it bogs down here and there, but keep going when it does. What translation are you reading? The Edith Grossman one is fantastic 🙂

    • booksandbuttons says:

      will check the translation (when I find the book!) and let you know. Good point.
      Found it! Translation by John Ormsby

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