A Side Trip

TAking a little side trip this morning to tell you about an interesting woman I’ve
met recently.

We discovered we had a lot in common–both with a grown daughter and son, and then
that we both played flute in high school.

That’s when I had to go into my long story about the dreaded solo part in BlueTango that
I had to playin the high school band.

You remember Blue TAngo, right?

“Ta ta ta DAH dah–tib tib tib dilia dilia da da Ta ta ta DAH dah–tib tib tib dilia dilia da da”

and those tib tib tib parts were for a solor flute–me

Then she told me that she had also played a completely different instrument, too.  I braced myself and assumed she’d say accordian, but wrong!

Bagpipes! Didn’t think of that , did you?

She said when the children were little they’d holler and complain when she got the bagpipes out to practice.  She mused that she probably should have played thrm more when they were infants and then they’d get used to them.  What do you think?

A final crumb of information was given out when she told me that her brother is a better
bowler than she is .  . .

Ta-ta a book review will br next, promise.

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2 Responses to A Side Trip

  1. Buttondeb says:

    She should have played the bagpipes when she was pregnant !
    Then the children could be said to have bagpipe music “in their blood”.

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