Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes

Well, it’s not as if I’m finished, but here’s a little update on how things are going with old  Don.  Once I finished thinking about him as “Don” I was ahead of the game.  Because of course he’s not “Don”–that’s only a trumped up title for him as in thereverend, or most holy —–an earl or lord or puffed up title.  Several times in the book characters question how he might have made up the title all by himself, not born with it at all.  Heh-heh.

There are 923 pages in my nice 400th anniversary edition and I’m on page 579.

Getting there!  A highlight, and no pun intended is when I started Book Two and allowed myself to mark passages with my pen at will and anytime a phrase caught my eye AND, I’ll admit it, to keep up with the storyline.

Do you mark in your books?  I grew up with the notion (and rule) that we must not write in books, but I’ll tell  you it’s great!  Do you mark in your books?  NO, not library books, of course.  And where?  –in the margin?

Okay, all for now, back to the real world and Monday.  Just dropped in for a

quick hi and to say that I’m still enjoying reading my “summer” book . . .


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  1. Stefanie says:

    You are moving along! I do mark in my books sometimes, especially if it is a challenging book then marking it up helps me keep track of things.

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