Fitness Class

♫Maybe you know some little places to go to where they never close . . .” (downtown . . .  2, 3, 4)

Listen to the music of the traffic of the city” . . 1,2,3,4)
“Linger on the sidewalk where the neon signs are pretty.”  ♫

Yes, I’m still in fitness class.  It’s a copyrighted program known as Silver Sneakers–a  play on words for the silver-haired participants who are of a certain age (65 plus–men and women).  It’s a class that runs  for about 45  minutes to an hour and includes cardio and aerobic exercises as well as practice in balance and toning the torso strength in general.  We use dumbbells for weights, a ball and some stretch tubing for accessories–and a chair because part of the time we are SEATED!

We exercise to music and one day the trainer was explaining to us about the
timing of the music, that Silver Sneakers suggests a certain “beat” and even has music which the trainers can use.  But, she said, she prefers to tape her own music which is “more current”.   (Yeah, I think, like Downtown!!)

The other day one of the men spoke to me after class and asked if I was sad
because I always look so serious.  So for the last few days, I’ve had to go in and
act jumpy and alert and so forth—very tiring!

Once when I was in junior high a boy told me I looked like Polly Bergen.  Funny, people just don’t come up to you with those kinds of comments after the years go by.

There is a woman in class who looks like a Shirley Temple type.  I ‘ll bet her mother used to dress her that way, too, and curled her hair.  But you can’t go up to someone hinting that they grew up in the 1930s and ask.  So I don’t, but in my mind she’s “Shirley Temple”.

Today I saw someone else and I thought, “Who does she look like with those big brown eyes close together and  a cute little scrunched-up face?”  Aha!–Judy Garland!!

And, I thought I’ll bet I can place every person in here as a star lookalike.

Wrong.  After Shirley and Judy, the streak ended and it was quite a slog to come up with anymore.  OK, I”ll give Susan Hayward to one—the woman who told me once that she used to teach junior high English.  And the men, no dice either.

Look around.  I’m sure there’s a Silver Sneakers class near you–good for you!
Let me know what movie stars are in your group . . .

There are a couple more posts about my fitness class and if you’ll type “fitness” in that search box up on the right, you’ll find them.  Thanks!

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4 Responses to Fitness Class

  1. Margaret says:

    You should have told him you’re not serious, you’re just thoughtful! (Busy thinking of which movie stars each person reminds you of, perhaps…)!

  2. Buttondeb says:

    I think that you remind your current classmate of Polly Bergen and he was chatting you up!

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