“Oh, suns and skies and clouds of June,
And flowers of June together
Ye cannot rival for one hour
October’s bright blue weather!

thank you to Helen Hunt Jackson

and what to read these October nights?  Try a good old classic Agatha Christie mystery like Poirot Loses  A Client and be introduced to the elderly Emily Arundell whose young nieces and nephew are expecting a grand inheritance and who wouldn’t mind having a few bucks in advance.  But Miss Arundell doesn’t’ oblige . . . and  writes to Hercule Poirot to tell him that she fears her life may be in danger.  Trouble is, the letter doesn’t reach him until weeks after she has died!  Add in a cute little dog, Bob, who has a favorite trick of bouncing a ball down the stairs and I think you’ll enjoy this clever little whodunit . . .


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  1. October evenings do seem peculiarly suited to a cozy mystery: enjoy!

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