Advance book reviews

Our local bookstore offers an interesting program to its customers.
The bookstore is looking for people to read advance copies of selected
books.  Then a review is written by the reader, and it becomes part of the
selection process for buying new books for the store.  In that way, there
is some local input for the staff to consider.

Recently, I read and reviewed two books that will be  up for publication shortly.

The first book I read was The Family Fang by Keith Wilson.  This family
of four–two parents, girl and boy, are engaged in the unusual occupation
of  creating and filming outlandish scenarios in public—causing havoc
usually, which always result in disaster, and even arrest.

When the book opens, the children are young–perhaps 9 and 11.
They learn their lines, and parts to be played, and carry them out–often
pretending they don’t even know the other family members and seem
to be resigned to their strange upbringing.   There is a closeness between
the children.

As the reader, I wondered how in the world these kids would turn out
as adults–and it wasn’t long before the chapters were about the grown girl, an actress, and the boy, a writer.

But the story didn’t move me.  Understandably, (is that a word?) the
actress and writer lead lives a little on the edge, but I found that I really
didn’t care how they turned out.  Maybe it’s my loss, but I stopped
reading on page 56.

Actually, the thought I had was that the book wasn’t worth my time.  I’d
rather be reading Frankenstein and cross it off my list!

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