The Picture of Dorian Gray

It’s time to get busy reading The Picture of Dorian Gray by
Oscar Wilde for this month’s book club meeting.

There he is—you think–and I thought, but we’re both wrong.  The portrait on the cover is of Franz Liszt!  Wha?

It’s a portrait painted by Henri Lehmann (1814-1882) who was very
good friends with Liszt in Rome.

Liszt—–“Liesbestraum”,  and um, liszt, liszt, liszt, can’t think of any
other works right now.  Seems like there were two composers who
wrote a Liebestraum–maybe everybody got on the bandwagon in
those days–kind of like Rocky I, Rocky II, etc.

“Last night I dreamed
You promised you’d be mine, dear,
And happiness filled my heart.”

Those are the words that come to my mind when I think of “Liebestraum”.  I’m not sure where I got them from though.
It was a piece I played when I was a teenager—and here’s the book!

Well, I don’t seriously remember playing it all through—it starts out
OK (mind the 4 flats!):

But it gets a little tricky as time goes on—-

If you look carefully below,  you’ll see my old pencil writing with the words accompanying the music.  “Last night . . . ”  And I love the musical
directives—-“always legato”—-always smoothly, and “dolce”—–

For you are playing a DREAM for the audience—smoothly, sweetly.

Well,  I haven’t said anything about Dorian Gray yet.  But no time left for today!

Instead, go to Google and type in “Lang Lang plays Liebestraum”.  Select
the SECOND choice—-where’s he’s in a dark suit—is he taking “smoothly, sweetly” to a way new level?!   See if you can stand to watch him play it for the 4 minutes or so.  Then try it out on your own piano.

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