Book Club Selections for next year

We had book club last night to discuss Dorian Gray.  It made a
good book for discussion.  You might try it, too.

We also chose our 12 books for next year’s reading.  We had some discussion about each of the 51 books that had been suggested, and voted by a show of hands for our choices.  Listed below are our selections in alphabetical order.

All Quiet on the Western Front                             Erich Maria Remarque
American Rust                                                           Philipp Meyer
Cold Mountain                                                          Charles Frazier
Crow Lake                                                                   Mary Lawson
The Devil in the White City                                     Erik Larson
Frankenstein                                                              Mary Shelley

Lolita                                                                           Vladimir Nabokov
Old School                                                                  Tobias Wolff
Reading Lolita in Tehran                                        Azar Nafisi
The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie               Alan C. Bradley
Tropic of Cancer                                                        Henry Miller
The World Without Us                                            Alan Weisman

Or, for those readers who prefer to read by authors, the list goes like this:

Bradley, Alan C.                              Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie
Frazier, Charles                              Cold Mountain
Larson, Erik                                    The Devil in the White City
Lawson, Mary                                 Crow Lake
Meyer, Philipp                                American Rust
Miller, Henry                                   Tropic of Cancer

Nafisi, Azar                                      Reading Lolita in Tehran
Nabokov, Vladimir                         Lolita
Remarque, Erich Maria                 All Quiet on the Western Front
Shelley, Mary                                   Frankenstein
Weisman, Alan                                The World Without Us
Wolff, Tobias                                    Old School

Good list!  Some classic, some modern;  some “banned”, some
non-fiction.  (and a mystery thrown in for good measure)

I’ll publish the list on a month t0 month assignment when it becomes
available, and then you can read along with us!

In the meantime, the book selection for November is
“Waiting for Snow in Havana” by Carlos Eire.  It won a
National Book Award and was published in 2003.

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