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Some readers say they don’t want to comment on a blog open to the
public.  I understand that very well.  (There’s a small pale blue “leave
a comment” line to click at the bottom of each post.)

But if you still want to make a comment, privately, just send me an email:

booksandbooks (at) comcast.net.

I wrote it like that to baffle spam machines, but you know what (at)
means in an email address . . .so use the @ when you type the address

And, hold on to your hat–, you can also automatically receive a notice in your email box that a new post of booksandbuttons is available to read!!
(Wait for applause . . .)

Way down on the right, at the bottom of each new post, there’s a little box that says FOLLOW.   Just click on it and fill in your email address.
Nobody sees it–not even me, although I’ll know I have a new subscriber,
and I’ll lie awake at night wondering who.

So, there you have it—just a little housekeeping to keep my blog site neat and tidy and doing what I can to protect your privacy.

See the “leave a comment”?  See the FOLLOW?   Or send a email.  I want
to know what you’re reading!

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