The Old Straw Purse

This straw purse was mine when I was little.  My sister had
a similar one, a little larger.  The fascinating thing to me was
the toggle closing.

I noticed it in my closet the other day, amongst the clutter, and
wondered what was in it.  Then I thought I’d let you look in there
with me . . .(*Double click on the photos to enlarge, use “back” arrow to return to my article . . .)

Not much of a clue there—let’s dump it out!

Ah-h, cluttery stuff!!  I love it!

Those old playing cards are about two inches long.  And that watch face has two little “brass” kids on a teeter-totter and when you
wind the watch, they go back and forth—tick-tock.
At the top of the photo is a sweet little antique box that says “Rouge”.
And the two little dark metal dishes – antiques –
(that I should take a better picture of, but everything’s put back
in the closet!)  are little laundry baskets or something, miniature–with molding that looks like wicker.

And do you know what this is??  It’s an old ribbon string with lots of
Crackerjack prizes attached.  I know it dates to the early 1940’s because I bought it from a lady with all of her old 40’s toys—she had kept
everything!   I kept this because I thought it was neat.

What clutter do you have?

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2 Responses to The Old Straw Purse

  1. booksilver says:

    A wonderful mishmash of things to look at. I also recognize (“I Spy”) a duckie diaper pin, a little Eiffel Tower charm, and a little plastic train car covering … could it be an old Brownie charm?

    I like the little white elephant (I Spy a little green one, too). When I was young, my mother had a little elephant that contained multitudes of tiny little elephants. Haven’t seen that in years. (I could tell you right where to find it, though, if we were in the house where we lived in 1970).

    What is the little button with what looks like a little Scottie dog’s face?

  2. Good eye, finding that Eiffel Tower! And yes, it’s a Girl Scout Brownie charm.
    The little “dog” clip is from a pair of Bonnie Doon socks that I bought in London.
    Somewhere I have a tiny little ivory “elephant” in a red seed container. There are
    supposedly 100 tiny shavings of ivory elephants in that seed pod. I wonder if your
    mother’s was like that. I think I received mine as a gift from a friend who brought it back
    from Egypt.

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