On the Road to Fashion, with buttons

Every girl wants to look her best!
Take the time to study the young lady at the left.  What is the secret to her nifty look?
Why, it’s about a hundred buttons careening down her coat!

Oh, finding the buttons is easy enough—I’ll send you these if you can’t find any others you like.  But where are you going to get 9 yards of orange wool to make the coat?  Oh, you want a hat, too.  Better make it 10 yards of orange wool.

And those shoes!  Ouch!

Let’s try another example.  Look at the fashionable woman on the left just past that big anchor.   See how smart she looks?  Would you like to know her secret?

She doesn’t eat.  That’s right.  (The girl above in the orange coat doesn’t worry about her weight.  She gets to pose behind that card of buttons.  Note to self: keep a card of buttons handy when there are cameras around.)

Already we have a choice in reaching high fashion–either stop eating or wear shoes that pinch.

No, seriously, the lady on the left’s high fashion statement apparently has something to do with the big blue anchor button (?) buckle (?).  And here I sit, with no anchors whatsoever around the house to use.
I actually don’t see where she would put it on that dress.  Hey! what’s she got in her left hand?  Watch out!   . . .  Oh, I think it’s only a glove.  Well, we’ve got gloves, haven’t we–or can get some.

Enough of tutorials.  Let’s get down to business.  We have to improve our look.  Buttons will restore our youthful image.  We both know that a man’s eye just naturally goes to a woman’s buttons—so we want to look our best!

Let’s look at some possibilites of buttons for you to sew on your favorite frock.  Let your mind go free.  Go ahead and get some semisweets to munch on while you take the little tour.  You are on your way to being the most fashionable lady on the block!

Maybe you need to visualize how a button might look on the fabric.  The first photo shows just that.  Which button says “take me home?”

The light blue one is like crystally frosting.

Do you like the white ones that look like coconut?

The sweet featherlight blue ones?

The sturdy orange with brass features?

Or the weird purple ones . . .

(*Left-click to enlarge photos, and then hit the “back” arrow to return to text.)

Or would you rather I just go away for a couple of minutes while you ponder a few on your own?  Below has an overall view of some glitzy ones–some antique, some vintage (1930’s to 1950’s) and then some closeups.  Closeups jump around, bear with me . . .

Oh, yes--I included a large orange buckle, in case you want that to match your coat.

So there you have it.  You’ve selected your button type.
Now run out to a garage sale or flea
market and buy up your supply.  Do that
first———then buy your fabric.  Sew up
your suit or dress, or decorate your own
readymade dress with the sa-weet! buttons.

Now you look fantastic!  Buttons win!
Step out–ribs up!  Greet the world with
confidence and just await all the compliments.  People will wonder why you look so great!  (Our little secret.)

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