Jigsaw Puzzles, again

Still at the wintertime jigsaw puzzle craze . . .

This one’s hard.

Oh, when you look at it–you see a beautiful snow scene–wonderful houses with yellow lights in the windows
–amazing starry sky with a big blue moon— and yes, those parts were fun.

But now I’m left with this sceneand all those dark areas are a mishmash of dark, dark, greens and grays and browns.  I have all the lights on, and my strongest reading glasses (!) and I still can’t see.  My husband says we can call in an electrician and have spotlights put in to shine directly down on the puzzle table.

This particular puzzle might discourage some people—and gives a bad example of how much fun jigsaw puzzles are.  So don’t be thinking this is how most puzzles are—don’t let this one turn you away from puzzles–please!

But at this point, all bets are off on the proper way, my timeworn way,  of doing jigsaw puzzles by the strict rules I follow.  (See former post about jigsaw puzzles if you care.)

I have all of the pieces out of the box, all spread out and turned over—just blindly  looking for pieces.  The bottom half of the puzzle is mostly finished and because of the size of the puzzle, (1000 pieces!  20 inches by 36 inches!)  and the  problem with the light, it’s easier to work from the top– I’m working from the top now, facing downward.   Doing the puzzle upside-down (the puzzle, not me).

Currently I’m looking for a “four-knobbed piece with a hook”.    Exactly like this one, except that this one doesn’t fit!  It almost fits.

And this isn’t the first time that I’ve scoured the choices, and not found the piece.  I think
I’m missing pieces!  It’s true that early on, I noticed my dog, Woody, chewing on something–and extracted a puzzle piece from him that must have fallen.  “The dog ate
my homework” comes to mind.

I’ll soldier on—-have to finish this puzzle soon, so the table can be cleared to work on the
income tax!   Now there’s an incentive for me, right?

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2 Responses to Jigsaw Puzzles, again

  1. booksilver says:

    What a restful scene! It reminds me of a little mountain town I remember from my childhood.
    I’m surprised, though, knowing your “puzzling” philosophy, that you allowed yourself to do the fun parts first… save those for your reward after getting the greeny-browns settled!
    And if the dog’s been chewing on any pieces (what possible attraction could there be for him in that dry cardboard?!), I don’t think they’ll be fitting nicely into place any more….

    • I might have misled you on my method. I must do the edge first, but then, yes, I’m
      allowed to work the joyous intriguing patterns that are most attractive right off the
      bat! Thanks for your comment. You might be interested in my postscript post to this
      little subject of the Blue Moon jigsaw puzzle . . .

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