National Button Week part 3

Good morning to Lucite buttons!

If I could take only two buttons to a desert island, these lucite roses would be the ones!
I just love them!  Pure 1950s stuff.

Lucite was patented by the Dupont Co and swept the button world with its intricate carving possibilities.  Often there are images floating around inside the plastic, as in the roses above.

Lots of time there were sparkles inside.  The lucite didn’t yellow over time and still is pretty clear today.  I do love my little tiny lucite button, above, but hard to capture a good photo of its roses.

I’m putting this little green guy in the lucite compartment today–not sure –maybe it’s more “plastic” than lucite, but please give me a little leeway here.  (After all, it’s MY blog.)
It’s a three-ply piece and has 9 little rhinestones inserted.  Some of them have an amber colored look–just discolored I think.

So that’s a little tour down lucite-button-memory lane.  Tomorrow—different category!

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2 Responses to National Button Week part 3

  1. booksilver says:

    Love the roses!
    I clicked on the photo with the tiny square button, which made the photo zoom to screen size; and then I clicked once on that big photo, which zoomed in on it more. I can see that there is a teensy weensy little bitty rose in there! Amazing.

  2. Glad that you are enjoying National Button Week!

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