point de plume

Today I am working on a little article of clothing—OK, it’s a doll dress . . . and I wanted
to decorate a stitched hemline.

So I spent some time doing “featherstitch”  also known as “point de plume”.

"point de plume" ©booksandbuttons

Featherstitching is a fast and easy way to add some interest to the clothing you make, or the linens you use in your home.

All you need is a needle—you’ve got one, right?  –and some embroidery floss in a pretty color.  JoAnn Fabric or Michaels or AC Moore—any of those stores will have inexpensive floss.  I have two cannisters full of floss—from my mother, and my sister.

embroidery floss ©booksandbuttons

The internet can furnish you with the “how to” for lots of stitches to choose from—or pick up a booklet about embroidery while you are shopping for floss.


Coats & Clark used to furnish a lovely little booklet about stitches:


One of the sets of directions in that book is for an “Embroidered Bridge Cloth”.  (Wait for laughter . . .!)

An embroidery hoop is a handy tool to use.  It can hold the fabric firm while you are stitching.  Might as well get one of those while you are on this project.


The craft stores will also have simple projects for you to buy to begin your embroidering hobby.

It’s very relaxing.  It is an easy hobby to “pick up” when you have a few spare minutes, or while watching tv.  Maybe you’ll enjoy it, too.

"the feather stitch" ©booksandbuttons

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  1. Mary Jo says:

    Hope you’ll show us the doll dress too!

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