Trip to New York Part 1

We went to New York City last week.  Hurray!  Hurray!  I love New York!  (They got that slogan from me . . .)

This trip was not my first, but it was my first since I’ve become interested in buttons—-I’ve always been interested in books.  (more about that in Part 3 . . .)

If you can believe it, (believe it) there is a store in New York devoted entirely to the sale of buttons!  Put that right in the category of “died and went to heaven”.


All those box fronts have lots of buttons inside.  Find a button(s) you like, and pull out the box to show the clerk.  Some people take several boxes to the counter—a true stack.  I wasn’t that brave.  But I did have a super time looking before selecting some.

posters, carded older buttons in box; ©booksandbuttons

It’s a long skinny narrow store—barely room for customers, but there are little narrow tables in the tiny aisle, and you can sit at them to match up your fabric with your button needs.  In the back of the store, there are tables with scads of large carded older buttons in wooden boxes.  I loved looking through them.  If you would like to shop for really old buttons and scarcities, you make a special appointment with the owners.

For this trip, I was content to float around wishing I owned the place and to soak in the atmosphere.  I love New York!

Oh, what’d I buy? (remember, you can click on photo to enlarge)


I bought a darling little card of buttons with bluebird graphics———sweet.  And then 3 “fashion” buttons—the red triangular one that’s the color of 1940’s nail polish in real life,  the black disc with the tiny white stripes–love it, and the striking red and black button.  Lastly, the octagonal black button is velvet —nice.

After that grueling hour and a half (!) we moseyed to a nearby print shop, and then took a break.  Even in downtown New York one can find a bit of greenery and a free seat.


We were in front of FAO Schwartz and near Bergdorf Goodmans.  Good spot for a nice mix of people watching.  Vendor carts were nearby for a cold drink.

That night we ate at a favorite little restaurant

Osteria al Doge ©booksandbuttons

that has pretty lighting and Tuscany creamy stucco walls.  Salmon, spinach, tiny potato cubes—yummy.  And tagliolini with shrimp for mon mari.  We like to sit upstairs on a little balcony and keep an eye on the patrons!

We stayed at the Marriott Marquis—great location for broadway shows!  But no show for us this trip.  This is strictly business!

Join me tomorrow for Trip to New York Part 2–

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