Summer Reading List 2012

OK, middle of June—certainly time to plan the summer reading list—and get started!

What’s on your list?

I knew a long time ago that I wanted to read The Three Musketeers this summer.  And a couple of months ago my grandson and I were in Barnes and Noble and he helped me choose the edition I wanted—-this time translation took second place while I dwelt on the cover (!) and the endnotes (love ’em!) and the print (has to be attractive).  This is the edition I chose—-and I’ve already–on page 31–found the scene of the illustration on that cover—fun!  Notes and introduction by Barbara Cooper are delightful.

The library has a copy with a translation by Pevear and maybe sometime I’ll read THAT one and compare notes.  (Ha, ha, ha . . .)

So, off we go:

The Three Musketeers—–by Alexandre Dumas

All Quiet on the Western Front–by Erich Maria Remarque–June book club selection

Peter Pan—- by J.M. Barrie

American Rust  –by Philipp Meyer–July book club selection

Lolita –by Vladimir Nabokov–August book club selection

Under the Greenwood Tree –by Thomas Hardy

reread one of the “Lucia” books by E.F. Benson

choose and start reading a book in French–to work at gradually . . .

so, that’s 8 books–should keep me busy and happy.  Hope it’s a long summer because I also have my “work” to do—-dressing some dolls that have been ignored for a while.

they’re waiting . . .©booksandbuttons

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