“Call for Mr. Kenworthy!” by Robert Benchley

Speaking of the Algonquin Hotel, (check last post), I decided to pursue illustrations by Gluyas Williams—who probably was the illustrator for the title page of Tales of a Wayward Inn.

I found  a mother lode of them in books by Robert Benchley.

And as I browsed through the stories in this particular book, lo and behold! I landed smack in a goodie called “Calling Mr. Kenworthy”.  This is great!  It’s Benchley at his best, musing about something that is of no importance whatsoever—-making it perfect for us to be interested!

The crux of the matter is WHO are the people who are always being paged in hotels??

selection from “Call for Mr. Kenworthy!” by Robert Benchley; CLICK TO ENLARGE

And to circle around to the Algonquin Hotel, which is what I’m supposed to be writing about or referring to, I wonder if Benchley just naturally used the Algonquin for his reference point in writing the piece . . .after all he was there often, and a member of the Round Table.  What do you think?

illus by Gluyas Williams; “Call for Mr. Kenworthy!” by Robert Benchley


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