Book Club Selections for 2013

January —–Ray Bradbury ——-Fahrenheit 451

February —-Richard Adams ——Watership Down

March —–Daniel Mason ——-The Piano Tuner

April ——-Stephen Crane ——Red Badge of Courage

May ——– Ann Patchett ——-State of Wonder

June ——-Jeannette Walls ——The Glass Castle

July ——-Sarah Blake ———The Postmistress

August —–Joseph Campbell —–The Hero with a Thousand Faces

September –Toni Morrison ——-The Bluest Eye

October —Preston & Spezi —–The Monster of Florence

November —Jasper Fforde ——-Lost in a Good Book

December —Russell Martin ——Beethoven’s Hair

Borrow them from the library, as we do, and read along with us—third Tuesday evening of the month!

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2 Responses to Book Club Selections for 2013

  1. Alex says:

    I love reading about what other book clubs are reading. I’m just about to start William Boyd’s ‘Any Human Heart’ for next Monday’s group. Happy reading.

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