Cabin Fever? Buy Buttons!

Got cabin fever?  Have you had five steady days of rain?  We have, but today is different–
today we have sleet!

But—–! as my old neighbor Millie would say—we can solve cabin fever very easily.  Just do as I did and go downtown to the sewing store and buy some new buttons . . .

Click to Enlarge----a small selection of new buttons . . .

Click to Enlarge—-a small selection of new buttons . . .

Aren’t the red ones cheery?

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

and you have to love the “three headlights”

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

But we all took a VOTE on the FAVORITES and me, myself and I voted for the faux pearl and rhinestone—-
buttons January 2013 006
All of these are available right now at your sewing store—–no need to wait–go now–cheer yourself up.  And you’ll find these little everyday goodies, too:buttons January 2103 002

Those are practical buttons—cute for kids’ clothes—are you knitting? sewing?  How do you deal with cabin fever?

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1 Response to Cabin Fever? Buy Buttons!

  1. booksilver says:

    Those really do look exactly like headlights!

    For rainy days, I like to go for a walk IN the rain (well buttoned up) and then return to a cozy kitchen and a cup of tea.

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