Nice Little Project with Books—addendum

So! the mixup with the description about Tono-Bungay.  As I wrote in the last post, I went to Amazon to get a general idea of what the book might be about—–and ran into a confusing set of descriptions.  One of the descriptions—it being an anthology of classic literature was just plain incorrect.  Odd for Amazon . . .

But it turns out that some of the publishers listed on Amazon aren’t really creating new editions of the books they sell.  They’re more like printers, just reprinting texts that are out of copyright.  Maybe that’s why they submitted the wrong description for Tono-Bungay!
Seems sloppy any way you look at it.  I wonder how they get their listing at the very top of the list at Amazon . . .

At any rate, I’ll be sticking with known publishers when I read my books—-I don’t need soulless copies.  I like a classic  that’s sandwiched between introductions and back notes.  Don’t you just love a footnote?

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  1. Mary Jo says:

    Interesting! I scanned some of the reviews on Amazon, and enjoyed one that quoted some very funny lines, so much so that I hope to read the book this year. One reviewer did mention an edition that included footnotes, which he thought were invaluable. SO! What else is in the bags??

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