The Ironing Board



When was the last time you re-covered your ironing board?

Can you find your ironing board?

Mine is like a third leg and always ready to go. It’s always set up in the guest room.

I’m the type of person who still irons. I do a lot of sewing, and ironing is part of

My ironing board is as old as our marriage. When we were first married we lived in
Madison, Wisconsin. One day my husband, Other Half, came home from classes and
brought me a new ironing board. We didn’t have a car–and he had carried it
through the city streets to our apartment.

These days, when you bring up ironing in the conversation, most of the women, and all
of the men say they don’t iron anymore. There’s usually a wife who relates a horror
story of how her mother-in-law spoiled her son, (now her husband) by ironing all his
clothes–even his underwear. I’ve heard such stories several times, and I’m even
familiar with that type of mother-in-law!

On the other hand, I have a young relative, nameless for her sake, who admitted she
can’t FIND her iron!

So, the habit of ironing has changed with new generations. But many of my friends
still iron. One friend still irons her bed linens–and I’m talking sheets here, not
just pillowcases. Another friend knows someone who enjoys ironing so much that she
irons everything twice. That’s my favorite story . . .

Still another friend says she has her ironing board—never recovered it–it still
has the old cover she put on HER MOTHER’S ironing board—-a mint green cover with a
long, long potted plant design –just about worn through. She had a large family and
spent every evening ironing business shirts for her husband and father-in-law.
She now has no need to iron—when she buys clothes if the tag doesn’t say “dry clean”
or perm-press, she doesn’t buy it.

Another woman says she irons, but doesn’t have an ironing board—her
old one snapped her fingers too often so she has some complicated folding square
board she keeps in the closet.

When we travel—-ha! remember “travel irons”?? When we travel now, I love to arrive
and find that the hotel closet has an iron! Some might look for a hair dryer, I look
for an iron. Then I can re-iron all the clothes in my suitcase. Nice.

Well, it was time to recover my ironing board. I couldn’t find anything I liked in the
stores. So off to the basement to look in the fabric stash and I found a nice
contender. It’s sort of a turquoise—-green and white print which never quite
ever got selected for quilts or other projects. It’s designed by Virginia Robertson
in 1992 and named “On Pins and Needles”. It was perfect for my ironing board.

What’s your ironing or ironing board story? The funny thing is, you probably have one!

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