National Button Week 2013 Part 4

Bridle Rosettes ┬ębooksandbuttons

Bridle Rosettes ┬ębooksandbuttons

Button collectors sometimes branch out into neighboring fields and in
this case I mean NEIGHboring fields! These are bridle rosettes which were used in
Victorian times to decorate special horseriding events. Of course, horses have
been decorated since Egyptian days, but let’s stay with the Victorian ones that
collectors like to find. They are usually a deep glass bubble and within is a
decoration of some kind—often of paper–a calling card, or an advertisement.
They were made in pairs, but hard to find in pairs. Mine are a pair–and I’ve
flipped one so you can see the back where the leather strap would go through. The
“button” is an inch and three-quarter in diameter.

Buttons with Paris marks coming up in Part 5 . . .

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