A Little Art from Philadelphia

Yesterday Other Half and I took the train into Philadelphia.  We wanted
to go to an art auction preview at Freeman’s Gallery.

We had a good time looking at the 212 offerings.  I didn’t think you’d want
to look at all 212 of them, so I selected seven of them, and you can decide
and vote on which one you would bid on to take home.  I’m showing them
by artist alphabetically to be perfectly fair.  Ready?  Maybe you’ll be able
to click on the photo to enlarge . . .They are all oil paintings.

"Warming Up the Audience" by Theresa Bernstein

“Warming Up the Audience” by Theresa Bernstein

"Female Nude" by Morris Blackburn

“Female Nude” by Morris Blackburn

"Paulet, Vt, Winter" by Jay Hall Connaway

“Paulet, Vt, Winter” by
Jay Hall Connaway

"Farmland in Winter" by Ernest Fiene

“Farmland in Winter” by
Ernest Fiene

"Schuylkill Bridge" by Giovanni Martino

“Schuylkill Bridge” by
Giovanni Martino

"Feeding the Chickens" by Roy Nuse

“Feeding the Chickens” by Roy Nuse

"After the Show" by Paulette van Roekens

“After the Show” by Paulette van Roekens

OK, seven selections.  Which is your favorite?

Afterwards we had lunch at a great restaurant—Fratelli’s Italian Bistro at
1339 Chestnut St.  I had a terrific sandwich:

Grilled salmon with avocado, roma tomato, apple wood smoked bacon, and
lemon aioli on a perfectly toasted ciabatta.   Lovely!

(No fair voting for the sandwich . . .)
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8 Responses to A Little Art from Philadelphia

  1. Mary Jo says:

    My favorite is the Roy Nuse, “Feeding the Chickens” – what a beautiful, sunny picture to look at! Just started reading a little about him and seeing some of his other beautiful paintings.
    And, I think the Meatball Parm would be my food choice! 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Either “Feeding the Chickens” or “Schuylkill Bridge” … okay I’ll vote for the chickens.

  3. Alex says:

    Another Vote for Feeding the Chickens, although knowing nothing about art I couldn’t begin to justify my choice.

  4. bandana lover says:

    Here’s a vote for Morris Blackburn’s nude.

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