Book Review: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

Why are you so successful at what you do?

Can you think of any reasons why you might have had a lucky
lift up along the way?  Someone you knew?  Where you went to
school?  Because you did your homework?

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell explores the reasons people not
only become successful–but are marked “outliers” as WAY
beyond mere success.  Think Bill Gates.   Think the Beatles.

There are concrete reasons that these people succeeded and
you’ll read why when you read this quick-read fascinating book.

There used to be a documentary film called “Who You Are Is
What You Were When”.  Did you ever see it in sociology class?
I loved it.  I’m who I am because of when I was born and where
I grew up.  That’s it in a nutshell.  Same nutshell for you!

Yes, people change, but their early environment is almost like
a blueprint for what they will become.  Was your father a
plumber or a worker in the garment district?  Was your mother
a plumber or a worker in the garment district?

Remember our recent read For Kings and Planets?  Orno from
Missouri, Marshall from New York City?

These little clues produce big answers when examined under
a microscope.

Don’t believe it?  Have some doubts?  Fine.  Just read the book
first and then have a lively discussion with someone!

Ah, I’m not going to tell you the secret reasons (not so secret!),
but I will tell you one reason that was used along the way for
one person’s success: “Mary got a quarter.”

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