Book Review: The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell

Bulletin to book clubs!  Read something else!

This book was not a hit with the group at book club meeting last night.
Oh, we might have had a longer discussion about it if anyone had read
it—or read past the first few pages.

“Follow your bliss” is supposedly Campbell’s mantra, and one member
said she was following her bliss when she returned the book to the
library after reading the preface and two pages.

Oh, well, now at least we know about “monomyth” a hero’s journey–and
that the term came from James Joyce in Finnegans Wake.

Cultures all around the world have myths–remarkably similar–and
the MYTH is the backbone of this scholarly tome.  And Campbell, as
far as I can tell, has studied it to death.

Makes me kind of wish to reread Edith Hamilton’s “Mythology” from
my old college course.  And though no myth makes warm and fuzzy
reading, at least her edited renditions made them readable and
interesting.  Oh, OK, I know those were only the Greek myths.  You
want to read about ALL the myths?  I know a book you can read.

Next month we’ll read The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison.  Join us at the
library on the third Tuesday evening in September.

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