We’re in St. Louis! part one

Forrest Park St. Louis MO

Forest Park St. Louis MO

We’re in St. Louis tripping down memory lane.  We lived here for five years and left
almost ten years ago.  It’s a great city.  When we lived here we tried lots and lots of
restaurants and kept a journal about them—the food, location, ambience, service–
So this vacation is mainly to revisit our favorites.  Yes, it’s a restaurant vacation!

First thing we discovered while tripping down memory lane was that memory lane
has become a six-lane highway!  Olive Boulevard, our main stomping grounds, now
has a fancy intersection where three lanes run through the center, then two lanes
on either side of those center lanes go veering off to the left or right.  Sound
confusing?  You bet it is!  I think the other cars see our PA plates and give us a
little wiggle room.  Some drivers are always changing lanes, and I’m not excluding
Other Half from that category!  So the traffic is kind of knucklebiting.

Have to close for now—breakfast is ready!  To be continued . . .

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2 Responses to We’re in St. Louis! part one

  1. Mary Jo says:

    Looks beautiful! Looking forward to hearing how the restaurants have changed/stayed the same.

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