The Birthday Card

I have a good friend who has a birthday next week—right after
mine—we are almost twins!

She has spent almost the entire year creating three painted versions
of Persian miniature paintings.  Even though I have not seen them yet,
I feel like I know every cypress, every flowering pear, every brushstroke.
We talk by phone often during the week.

She did them in watercolor, with additions of gold leaf and bordered them
with gorgeous ribbons.  They are full of gardens and flowering trees and
rich treasures.  They must be beautiful.

I have already sent off her present–Balenciaga Paris Eau de Parfum–she’s
that kind of girl–but I needed to send a card as well.  I’ve been making my
own birthday cards lately–kind of fun.

What kind of card?  Well, why not an imitation Persian miniature painting?
And why not, you say.  I’ll tell you why not–because it isn’t easy!

But————! as my old neighbor, Millie, used to say, I decided to try it.
It involved getting out the watercolors, the brushes, my favorite glass dish for
water . . .the blank card, ribbons, beads and a sketch!  aaargh, the sketch.
“Keep a-goin” I said to myself, and this is what I ended up with:

The Birthday Card ©booksandbuttons

The Birthday Card ©booksandbuttons

There could be a story behind this card—as it happens accidentally–that’s what
painting does sometimes—creates something that wasn’t there an hour ago.
That young woman in pink is wearing a green stone (bead) at her throat.  Could
it be that the young man on the right who is presenting her with a cake, might
have presented her with an emerald a few minutes before?  We can dream.

closeup of The Birthday Card ©booksandbuttons

closeup of The Birthday Card ©booksandbuttons

Happy Birthday, dear Friend!

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  1. Buttondeb says:

    What a lovely gift for your friend. I’m sure that she will treasure it! (And smell really good at the same time!)

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