Selling Seeds in 1953—ALL the prizes!



I’m back!  Back again with the American Seed catalog.  O’Half thinks
I should list ALL the prizes available—that you need more choices.

Well, this is opening a can of worms because there are a lot of prizes,
but to save time I won’t take a photo of each!  Here goes—bear in mind
that some of these are awarded for selling 45 packs of seeds for total of
$4.50.  But some need extra cash as well.  They are SO-O-O tempting!

Girls Wrist Watch      $1.50 extra
Full Size Ukelele like Arthur Godfrey’s      .75 extra
Wrist Watches for Men and Boys     $1.00 extra, $1.50 extra
Complete Chemistry Set
Dick Tracy Camera
Roy Rogers 3 Power Binoculars
Pocket Watch with good luck fob
Knitting Bag              .50 extra
Pretty Table Lamp     $1.00
Luncheon Set 20 piece (plastic)

Holy Bible with zipper cover
Pretty Plaid Blanket
Lace Dinner Cloth
Western Union Signal Set       .50
Bride Doll with Movable Eyes
Electric Wood Burning Set  (O’Half has his eye on this one and
claims no one buys these anymore . . .)
Gene Autry Guitar     $6.50! or free for selling FIVE $4.50 orders
Laurita Girls Carry-all Purse
Leather Hobby  Kits
Flash Camera Outfit     $1.00 or two $4.50 orders

Bag ‘n’ Hankie Embroidery Set
Dale Evans Wrist Watch for Girls  $2.75 or three $4.50 orders
Frontier Repeating Cap Rifle    $1.00
Basketball Set     $1.25
Electric Football Game     .75
Table Tennis Set
Archery Outfit     .75
2 Gun Holster Set     $1.00
Rudolph Electric Magnetic Dart Game
Cork Gun

Pretty Overnight Case (for girls)    .75
Ladies’ Wallet
Shoulder Strap Bag  Red, Green, Navy Blue or Brown
5 Piece Dresser Set
Cowboy Harmony Set: Ukelele and Harmonica
Pretty Plaid Umbrella     .50
Bobbing Cuckoo Clock      .50
Magic Auto Race
Cowboy Jr. Guitar     .75
Lone Ranger Holster Set–cap pistol, mask, autographed photo!
Daisy’s Red Ryder Cowboy Carbine     (have to get permission)  $2.00

Sturdy Axe
Cookit pocketsize folding stove and utensils
A Great Knife Outfit–two knives
Delta Buddy Lantern
Knapsack for Hiking
Fishing Set 19 piece    .75
Red-Head Double Duty Flashlight
Sun Dial Wrist Watch—nine features!!  (ask)
3 Piece Pen Set–fountain pen, ballpoint pen, mechanical pencil
Webster’s Approved Dictionary

Leatherette Briefcase
Zipper Gym Bag
Glamour Girl Doll Kit
Sewing Machine      .25
Crystal Radio Kit
Punch Point Belt
Girl’s Moccasin Kit    .75
Boy’s Moccasin Kit      1.00
Charm Art Kit
Necklace and Earring Ensemble Simulated Pearls
Cluster Birthstone Ring and Matching Earrings

Croquet Set   $1.50  or two $4.50 orders
Buck Rogers Sonic Ray Gun
Space Pilot Game
Skyro-plane (flies as high as the clouds)
Captain VIDEO 2-way Telephone
Travel Globe
Toy Violin that Really Plays    .75
Toni Home Permanent—the refill only, or the
refill plus 42 spin curlers    .75
Pinking Shears

Woven Bedspread     $1.00
Chenille Bedspread    $2.50 or two $4.50 orders
HI-LO Outdoor Stove    $1.25  OR no cost for selling 70 packs
the editor was getting tired here, and wanted to spice things up!

24 Pieced Set Chrome Plated Tableware    .75 or no cost for selling 60 packs
2 Pairs of Lace Curtains (if you want more, add $1.00 each extra pair)
Famous Cannon Towel Ensemble (6 pieces)
Beautiful Cake Cover with Serving Tray
Food and Meat Chopper
5-in-1 Combination Cooker
A Modern Alarm Clock   .50 or no cost for selling 55 packs
Complete set of 3 sturdy Aluminum Sauce Pans
5 Piece Cleaver Set
20 Piece Beautiful Chinaware    $2.00  or no cost for two $4.50 orders
Ovenex Baking Set   (10 piece)

Truefilm Plastic Draperies  “pretty eye-catching plastic draperies”–I
bet they were!    if you want more, add $1.00 a pair
Jet Plane
Electronic–Two Way–Walkie Talkie  (up to 1/2 mile!)
Roy Rogers Wrist Watch     $1.75  or two $4.50 orders

There you have it with the eight choices I gave you yesterday–what
will you be working toward?  January is a great time to sell seeds–people
are already getting tired of winter and looking forward to spring.  Sell to
your family, relatives, neighbors—-ask the neighbors what THEIR
neighbors names are and sell to them!

If you need a photo of a specific prize, or more information about it,
I can send it to you!



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6 Responses to Selling Seeds in 1953—ALL the prizes!

  1. FictionFan says:

    An impossible decision! I’m completely torn – on the one hand, a full-size ukelele! (Only 75 cents!). But on the other hand, a cork gun – what fun I could have with that! I may just have to sell 90 packets of seeds. Now who do I know with a big garden…?

  2. thinkingbookspace says:

    I want the Bobbing Cuckoo Clock!

  3. Howdy! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new iphone 3gs!
    Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts!
    Keep up the great work!

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