A January Day

new snow----again! ©booksandbuttons

new snow—-again! ©booksandbuttons

Yes, another snow storm—this one light and fluffy and beautiful . . .
and I’m spending the day the way I often do–sewing:

When I’m not sorting buttons, or reading a book or making soup! or
doing housework, I’m usually sewing.  I get out all the stuff I need (if
it’s not already out)



which I’m happy to report includes BUTTONS



because I’m working on an outfit for a small doll that includes
using an old button on the hat:



Here’s the finished product—–and a January morning well spent.
vivavintage 022

Now! for the January afternoon:  heh, heh



P.S. National Jigsaw Puzzle Day is coming up on January 29th!





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4 Responses to A January Day

  1. FictionFan says:

    You alaways manage to make me want to sew or knit something – you’re reviving my dormant inner crafter! 😉

  2. Stefanie says:

    Very cute sewing project! I love jigsaw puzzles but haven’t been able to do one in years because my cats love them too!

    • booksandbuttons says:

      Hm . . .that is a problem. A puzzle of their own? and you
      cover yours with a tablecloth when not working on it? You do
      the puzzle in a room where the cats aren’t? (yeah, like where’s

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