Boutons by Loïc Allio

Boutons Loïc Allio fish hook 012This wonderful book is what I received for Christmas from O’Half.  I love it.  It’s kind of
hard to find, but I’m here to tell you there IS a Santa Claus and he left the book under our tree.

I made an exciting discovery this afternoon and had to tell you about it immediately.
First of all, even though it’s January 24th, I have not finished looking at/reading the
book.  Because————I don’t want it to end!  So I’ve been taking my time and today
I opened to page 167, where I left off last time, and looked at the photo on page 167—

SECOND OF ALL, for some reason today all the photos are going to be giant sized and
the usual adjustment doesn’t work—so no need to enlarge the photos today—that will
save you time!

So, on page 167 was this great button:

fish hook button by François Hugo  . . . ©booksandbuttons

fish hook button by François Hugo . . .

and the description——–

from Boutons by Loïc Allio ©booksandbuttons

from Boutons by Loïc Allio ©booksandbuttons

Ha ha!  I forgot to tell you the book is in French!!  Anyway, it says the button is made of
mother of pearl, with a fish hook on top and covered with a plastic covering, rimmed in
metal.   AND it says it was made by designer François Hugo for Elsa Schiaparelli—nice!

Now for the icing on the cake——-I think I have two of them!  Could it be??  What do
you think?  Mine also are mother of pearl—have quite a similar fish hook–the metal rim
has a bit of age—1950-ish?  Could it be?  What fun!

two fish hook buttons on mother of pearl, 22 cms in diameter, ©booksandbuttons

two fish hook buttons on mother of pearl, 22 cms in diameter, ©booksandbuttons

And I know you want to see the back!

back of fish hook button ©booksandbuttons

back of fish hook button ©booksandbuttons

Have you started your own button collection yet?





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    • booksandbuttons says:

      thanks for the pingback. I appreciate your linking my site to
      your wonderful one. (the republic of less) I occasionally visit
      that old exhibition of buttons at the Mona Bismarck Foundation–
      it’s still online to see.

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