Ten Books for a Desert Island



What is the criteria for books for a desert island?
I’d say a book that you can read over and over because
the book mobile won’t be coming by anytime soon.   And
what’s the difference if these books are for a desert island
or if they’re for your nightstand for the rest of your life?
(un livre à mon chevet . . .)

No difference—you’re probably not headed for a desert
island anyway, and your nightstand will be there forever.
So I’ll start a list  and we’ll cut and paste as time goes by.
(I have one getting second thoughts already!)

Barry Unsworth                                  Losing Nelson
Elizabeth Taylor                                  Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont
Barbara Kingsolver                             Poisonwood Bible
Kaufman and Hart                              You Can’t Take It with You
Wilkie Collins                                       The Moonstone
Howard F. Mosher                              Northern Borders
Martha Grimes                                    At the End of the Pier
Jules Verne                                           Around the World in Eighty Days
A Poem A Day                                         good for a daily read
Great First Lines                                    to recall the great books

I know this isn’t legal, but if I could squeeze a few more books in the raft,
I’d take these authors:  E.F. Benson, Ethan Canin,  J.D. Salinger,  Eudora
Welty, and Nicholson Baker.  Put Dickens in there, too, please.

What does your list look like?  TO BE CONTINUED . . .

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4 Responses to Ten Books for a Desert Island

  1. Jennifer L. says:

    I read “The Last Hurrah” by Edwin O’Connor every fall when there is a local election. If I were stranded on a desert island I’d be frustrated because I’d be missing the election and ruining my near-perfect voting record.

    • booksandbuttons says:

      Oh, Jenny, that’s delightful! And hey, not to worry—-that’s
      why we have absentee ballots! Or, and I think you might be good
      at this—or start new elections on the island! Nice to hear
      from you.

  2. FictionFan says:

    I’d need to have some lighter stuff. Three Men in a Boat would have to come and Pride and Prejudice for certain. Bleak House would keep me going for a few weeks each year. But couldn’t I just take my Kindle and a wifi router?

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