Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne–a Desert Island Book

Stack of books to take to a desert island ©booksandbuttons

Stack of books to take to
a desert island ©booksandbuttons

I’ll tell you why you should take this book, too.
This one’s short—and it’s an entertaining yarn that keeps you
guessing.  The plot: an enormous sum is bet among members of
the Reform Club in London and . . .

our hero wagers that he can—you guessed it–go around the
world in 80 days.  Impossible! the others laugh.

Ten Books for Desert Island 017

First line: “Mr. Phileas Fogg lived, in 1872, at No. 7,
Saville Row, Burlington Gardens, the house in which
Sheridan died in 1814.”  Well, hardly a grabber, but
let’s keep going here.  Fogg has bet twenty thousand
pounds*–and that’s enough to grab my attention.
Can he do it?  Why does he think so?

Anyway, straightaway, Phileas Fogg engages a valet,
a “man”–you have one, right?–by the name of
Passepartout.  He’s worth his weight in gold in this
book—and the story wouldn’t have been the same
without him I promise you.  Make a note to yourself
that before you leave, you’ll find someone like him to
take along . . .

The trip isn’t easy!  Many a time the wager seems to be lost,
and maybe their own lives doomed–but somehow, Fogg and P
are able to master each calamity—just plain fun from start to

You should probably review your geography a little before
you leave–you’ll want to be able to picture where Fogg’s
adventures take him–and follow his route.  I suppose you
could take an atlas with you, but you know, space in your
suitcase is going to be limited.  And let’s be practical–would
you rather take the atlas or the peanut butter?

You’d miss something the first time you read the book on the island.
And the second time you’d think of a different way a problem
could have been handled.  The third time, you might want to
illustrate the book as you read along, the fourth time, make
your own map.  See?  it could be read many times.

Even if you don’t take it to the island, put it on your bedside
table–you won’t be sorry.  Start it, or reread it! tonight.

* twenty thousand pounds in today’s money is 14 million dollars

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  1. Booksilver says:

    I’ve got it on my Kindle … but haven’t read it in years! Time to open it up again.

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