The Titusville NJ Button Show May ’14

It was a beautiful morning to drive down along the river to the
Titusville NJ button show last Saturday.   I met a friend there and
we stayed for hours!  Want to see what I bought?

Believe it or not, these two old celluoid green and cream buttons are
just about my favorites of the day!!  Wouldn’t they be wonderful on an
old sundress?  They’re one and a half inches in diameter.

green striped cell buttons

Two celluloid buttons ©booksandbuttons

But here is a photo of all the buttons I bought.  You’ll see those green
and white ones in upper left—–you can judge the size of the others by
those . . .(one and a half inches in diameter)

buttons I bought in Titusville May 14 ©booksandbuttons CLICK TO ENLARGE

buttons I bought in Titusville May 14 ©booksandbuttons CLICK TO ENLARGE

Among these in the group is one button I’m calling a “mystery”
button . . . will tell you why in a minute or two.  But while you’re studying
the big photo, I would like to draw your attention to a few especially.

I bought another military locket button—remember? I bought one at
the Myerstown PA Button Show a few weeks ago.  This one’s metal, my other
was plastic–same marking on the back: “Los Angeles CAL PATS PEND
LIBERTY MFG CO”.  There is one photo in it.  Here are front and back:

locket button

military locket button ©booksandbuttons






mark on back of military locket button

backmark of military locket button ©booksandbuttons







And, yes, that’s a Liverpool transfer button with a horse . . .

Tell me, did you spot a pewter Coke button
in the large photo?  Over on the right?  Well, that is a Battersea button–
and has an interesting shank—man’s head–and the backmark reads
Battersea Pewter ©Battersea LTD 1978.  These buttons aren’t very
old, but they are now collectable.

One of my goals at the show was to buy a couple more designer buttons
and I did.  This next photo shows a fine Henri Hamm insect.  It’s over 2
inches long, has a plain back with wire shank.  Henri Hamm (1871-1961)

button  by Henri Hamm

1 1/2″  long insect button by Henri Hamm©booksandbuttons

was a designer in Paris in the heyday of
fashion, friend of Pablo Picasso, and the
fabulous book BOUTONS by Loïc Allio has
more than ten pages about him.  This exact
rendering of the insect is not in the book, but
two close seconds are.  I think the material
is Bakelite.  Ah, update! My beetle is pictured
in the July 2014 issue of the National Button
Society Bulletin article about Henri Hamm.


Another interesting designer button is
this one by Madame Alix Grés (1903-1994).  She made a hit
when she designed a black cellophane dress in 1934 . . . this
great button is astylized star with yellow metal embellishment.
The button is 1 1/2 inches long.  The photo following shows the
backmark–strong and good backmark!

button by Grés

star button by designer Grés ©booksandbuttons

back of Grés button

backmark of Grés button ©booksandbuttons CLICK TO ENLARGE








Next is one of my favorite
designers–Jean Clément
who worked for Elsa Schiaparelli—this amusing ceramic piece has several
“friends” shown in the BOUTONS book on page 142, which I’ll show, too.

ceramic button by Jean Clément ©booksandbuttons

ceramic button by Jean Clément ©booksandbuttons

I think this series of buttons
was done in conjunction with
d’Alberto Giacometti around
1930-1931.   I’m reading this
information from the Loïc Allio
book–in French–so who knows
if I’m giving you the right information!

The back of this button is plain–in
a terra cotta colored clay, with a wire

Jean Clément buttons page from BOUTONS©booksandbuttons

page 142 in BOUTONS by Loïc Allio–buttons of
Jean Clément ©booksandbuttons







Before I forget, take another close
look at the photo of the large group I bought.  Down near the bottom, kind
of in the center are two important buttons.  You know how fond I am of the
L’Aiglon Sarah Bernhardt buttons, right?  Well, the yellow metal one in the
photo is also of Sarah Bernhardt—-a different pose!  Same eagle cutout
border.  And then, hold on, is the large white metal button—same eagle
cutout border—–of Napoleon!!   Pretty good, hm?

Oh, all right—do you want to see the “mystery button?”  Have you
figured out which one it might be?
You haven’t?  Hello—is anybody still left out there?  Just kidding.  Do
you see the two darling little blue skis?  Well, just below them is a
button that looks like it has two eyes . . .sort of buckle design:

"mystery button" ©booksandbuttons

“mystery button” ©booksandbuttons

I am telling you that I
think I can see a face under
one of those glass bubble
“eyes.”  I am thinking it’s
another one of those photo
type/keepsake type of
buttons.  Have you seen one
like this?   Please let me know
what you know.
OK, must finish—feel free to make comments—your email address won’t show!
And thanks for stopping by for this longish button visit.

ski buttons

blue plastic skies about two inches long, unmarked ©booksandbuttons


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6 Responses to The Titusville NJ Button Show May ’14

  1. Booksilver says:

    What a wintry mix! The little reindeer (that you didn’t mention!), the DARLING little skis (my favorite), and the greeny stripe ones you started with — which remind me of the minty ribbon candy my Nana always used to have out at Christmas.

    I don’t know about the face under that last button …. could be just blotches in the glass?

    What a great haul! Yay Titusville!

    • booksandbuttons says:

      Yes, I love those little skis, too. Blotches? No, I think I
      see a face—like the man in the moon . . .tough call, I’ll admit.
      (I guess no one would carry a photo of the man in the moon in his
      pocket . . .)

  2. Buttondeb says:

    You chose lovely backgrounds to display the individual buttons, and the historical and contextual references are much appreciated. That Giacometti inspired button is quite a find!
    As for the man in the moon under one of those little bubbles— well, some people see Elvis on their toast, so why not!

  3. Patricia Clark says:

    What a great haul indeed! I am interested in Henri Hamm buttons can you tell me how the backs look if they identify as Hamm’s identity or signature?
    Thank you,

    • booksandbuttons says:

      My Henri Hamm button has no marks at all on the back–
      just the brass loop shank. It’s 1 3/4″ long, not 2 inches
      as I had put in my article (sorry). I call it a Henri
      Hamm button because that’s how it was sold to me by a
      reputable dealer. The current July 2014 National Button
      Society Bulletin has a fine article about Henri Hamm
      buttons. There are 10 pages! including color photos which
      do include my beetle button. Thanks for writing! If you
      find out anything more, let me know!

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