Book Club: The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann

W-e-l-l—   our book club wasn’t too keen on The Magic Mountain.
So, be advised that it might not be a good book club selection for
your group either.  Still, there was . . .

a little leeway given to Thomas Mann (!) for vivid descriptive
writing and interesting concepts for thought–time warps, the idea
of illness as a conduit to creativity, the sense of snow.

But the long passages of political discussions  between Settembrini
and Naphta were “above my pay grade” as one member said.   And for
other members, the book just didn’t draw them in–maybe because
it is summertime and lighter fare was more appealing.  I think I might
have been the only one to read it (I liked it!)–another woman is
currently at page 500 and *will* finish it.  And a third skimmed
through it.  Others tramped through to page 100 or so and dropped
it like a hot potato.

Some members were missing– on vacation, and maybe for all
I know they read and loved the book!  We’ll find out in September.

So!  not a good report for this month—onward to The Light Between
Oceans by M.L. Stedman for September 16th.  It looks like this book
has seen a heavy round of book club readings.  Maybe it will have
more appeal for our group.  We’ll see!  I’ll save a seat for you.

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4 Responses to Book Club: The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann

  1. WORDMAN says:

    You seemed to have liked this book, and that’s all that really matters. I’m not sure I’m ready for another 700+ page read – but maybe this winter. Or maybe not. I have The Goldfinch and The Luminaries on my Winter list. I think those two will get me through, and then some.

    • booksandbuttons says:

      Yes, I did like The Magic Mountain—entirely different from
      anything else I’ve ever read. A winter list? I’m still working
      my way through my summer list! Thanks for comment.

  2. stefanie says:

    Too bad it didn’t go over well with the group. “Not my pay grade” cracked me up!

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