We Went to London

London was done in “twos”—two shows, two flea markets,
two museums and Hyde Park at two in the afternoon.

The first show we saw was The Bodyguard at the Adelphi Theatre.
It was the final night on stage.  You know the show–detective
hired to protect a singing star.  In the movie the stars were Whitney
Houston and Kevin Costner.    And you know the hit: “I Will Always
Love You”.

This show featured Alexandra Burke as the star.  And she was
terrific.  The show opens with a rousing “All the Man That I Need”
and doesn’t pause from then on.  Tristan Gemmill played the
bodyguard, Frank Farmer.

Later in the show when Burke sings “I Will Always Love You” she
creates a break in the song, and with no one in the audience breathing,
everyone realizing this is the last night she’ll sing it, lets us wait for
the “. . .Love You!”  No dry eyes anywhere.

The Bodyguard 002



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