Christmas Shopping on Cyber Monday

What would we do without the internet?  How would Santa cope?

Even I, who decided not to touch Cyber Monday, succumbed to
browsing on amazon just a bit  . . .

I was thinking of a gift and wondering about size, features and so forth,
and so typed in “electric . . .”

And up came a tempting list of things I could choose from.  Which one
do you hope will be under the tree for you?

Electric blanket  –a possibility for some
Electric fireplace
Electric heater
Electric scooter  –now you’re talkin’
Electric guitar —nice!
Electric toothbrush —I feel sorry for that receipient
Electric pencil sharpener —well, handy, and a surprise I expect
Electric kettle —-no!
Electric razor — nah

Nothing there, so I refined my search with “electric p  . . .”

And  was presented (get it?) with:

Electric pencil sharpener –they must be pushing them this season
Electric pressure cooker — no!
Electric piano — Bingo!  don’t tell!
Electric pressure washer —   for Christmas?
Electric pot —  no!
Electric power washer — a man must have written this list
Electric pepper grinder — not bad . . . kind of cute!
Electric pole saw — huh?
Electric pressure cooker cookbook — no!

So I ordered the electric piano and I think it will be a hit.

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  1. Stefanie says:

    Oh this made me laugh!

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