Lemons for Loveliness

When January hits, we all want to start afresh,
improve our image . . .












I found this little booklet at the flea market this weekend, and
believe you me, it has changed my life—and can yours, too!

This startling booklet of information about lemons is just what
I needed to jumpstart a new year.  AND, I happen to have about
THIRTY lemons given as a gift from some Florida Christmas
guests . . .so I’m well prepared to follow new advice about the
miraculous properties of lemons!

Well, not so new I guess—for “Li Mung” of China,

"Li Mung"--beneficial to women . . .©booksandbuttons

“Li Mung”–beneficial to women . . .©booksandbuttons










(oh, I call her Li Mung, but that phrase really means that the
LEMON is beneficial to women) Li Mung was picking
lemons off her trees centuries ago.  And even this little
booklet of mine was published in 1935, so the advice isn’t
exactly new, is it?

And, you know it’s all true—see this scientist examining the
cheek and hairline of the young lady?  That’s a real scientist.

real scientist with microscope ©booksandbuttons

real scientist with microscope ©booksandbuttons










Here’s another scientific part—talking about shampooing
your hair.  Did you know that when you rinse your hair there
are still a lot of CURDS left on the hair follicles?  Using a lemon
rinse can clear those curds.  This is a real unretouched
photomicrograph showing the comparison of curds before and
after the lemon rinse!

Lemons for Loveliness 012





Can you see them?
Do you want to?
(Click to enlarge)



And the words “alkali” and “alkaline” are thrown around
pretty often, too, so you know this is for real . . .Well, I guess
you’re convinced how scientific these hints are.

And I mustn’t tease when you want to get started.  Lemons
apparently are the answer to problems with hair, skin, hands,
feet, neck, back, throat, double chins, wrinkles, (including nose
wrinkles), weight problems—an aid to family problems and
even a section on “Improving Your Husband” (!)

I like the part about “sensible reducing”.  “There is nothing that
gives such an effect of age and robs the most fashionable gown
of smartness as a thick waistline and heavy hips. . . .If you
think you are overweight, ask your physician . . .”  
I say just ask
your husband—!

There are 32 pages of beauty hints to read—and no time
to lose in my case!  I’m working on the exercise for wrinkled
foreheads and double chins currently.  I’m also following
their advice and keeping lemons in the bathroom.

You are also encouraged to drink two large glasses of orange
juice a day–mixed with lemons–  (Did I mention that the
booklet is published by the California Fruit Growers Exchange?)

About the only advice it DOESN’T give is how to find that man
who’s on the cover who seems so interested in the “lemon” blond.

But I think if you follow all the lemon tricks . . .well, you’ll see
the caliber of man you’ll attract.   I think he might have used some
lemon to let the sun bleach his hair, too.

lemons for loveliness! ©booksandbuttons

lemons for loveliness! ©booksandbuttons





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2 Responses to Lemons for Loveliness

  1. Booksilver says:

    Perhaps for the “double chin” the advice will be to practice holding the lemon under the chin….

    • booksandbuttons says:

      No, good guess tho. “Up until thirty if we give
      ourselves a reasonable amount of care, our neck
      and chin lines are fairly obliging in retaining
      their youthful contours. If your chin goes
      terracing down your chest, . . .” and an exercise
      follows. But most importantly, “Lemon Ice is
      excellent for firming a double chin. Rub a piece
      of ice over your neck and chin half a dozen times.
      Sometimes an otherwise young throat is encircled
      by two or three ring wrinkles. For these follow
      the directions for wrinkles.” There you are!

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