National Puzzle Day! (January 29th) and . . .Middlemarch

Wow! big day here—National Puzzle Day.  It’s a
state holiday here in Pennsylvania—everything is
closed up and people are home doing puzzles!

As you might recall, I’m working on my New Yorker dog puzzle–
with the dog sitting on the stoop selling his junk at a tag sale.

New Yorker dog puzzle 002




It’s hard, but fun, too.  It’s a tiny bit tricky because more than once I’ve mistaken a piece as a “fit” and found out later that it didn’t quite—–and you know I’m not stupid so it must be the puzzle.




I’m missing one piece as part of that red plaid watch on the steps–
here it is on the box picture:

New Yorker dog puzzle 007









Can you see the red watch in my puzzle?–
upper rightish . . . I need to finish it with a
piece that has a red “head” and a little bit of
beige-y orange speckle . . . can’t find it.

New Yorker dog puzzle 003








All for today—oh! Middlemarch?  yes, still reading along.  I’m sorry
to tell you that Casaubon and Dorothea are having a rocky time of
it on their honeymoon in Rome.  Not quite the way she pictured her
marriage would go . . .

It’s not a book to keep you up reading til the wee hours.  (In fact,
ONE wee hour is about as much as is called for each night!  heh-heh)



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4 Responses to National Puzzle Day! (January 29th) and . . .Middlemarch

  1. Buttondeb says:

    I see the missing piece! It’s right…. THERE! ( Points to piece.)

  2. Buttondeb says:

    Don’t worry–you still have until midnight to complete the National Puzzle Day mandated deadline! I suggest a cup of strong coffee and a doughnut.

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