Will Ladislaw

Well, you don’t know Will, do you?

I don’t know him very well either, but he is becoming
a pesky 9th character in Middlemarch by George Eliot.
If you’ve been following along, you’ve been introduced to
eight main characters.  I’m just afraid . . .

that Will Ladislaw can’t be ignored much longer.  I gave
you photos of the other eight–you cut them out and you’re
using them as bookmarks, right?

Setting a Cast for Middlemarch Characters      and . . .
Setting a Cast for Middlemarch Characters part 2

I had to go looking for another image to represent Will for
you.  It’s tricky because I don’t know too much about him
except that he’s Casaubon’s cousin–disliked by C.  He’s a
poor relation of the family—-NOT HIS FAULT—-in fact,
there’s some back story here I suspect, and Casaubon
has felt obligated to support him.

W. L. is an artist and has artist friends.  Dorothea and Celia ran
into him originally when they were younger, earlier days, at the
very beginning part of the book——and he was a minor character.

But then Dorothea saw him again on her honeymoon in Rome.
They seem to have a lot in common—discussing art and such.
Casaubon isn’t amused that Dorothea has shown an interest in him.

Will has broken away from Casaubon’s care and wants to support
himself and—–although forbidden by C. to visit their home, has
moved to Middlemarch and is living with Dorothea’s uncle.

I’m going to give a spoiler alert,  not really knowing, and say
that Will is in love with Dorothea and finds Casaubon completely
undeserving as a husband for her.

So—he’s on the scene, and needs to have an image in your mind.

Here it is—–artist, smart, sensitive, —what do you think?  Next
post I will tell you more about him—and more about the picture!

Eliot Ladislaw 008


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