Guess Who I Dreamed about Last Night!

Guess who I dreamed about last night?

Tom Mix!  Who? Wha?

Oh, he was an old time cowboy star–before your time.  Really
before Roy Rogers and Hopalong Cassidy I think.  But, there
he was—down the beach aways (away? no, he was aways from
me (us?) ) and wearing a large wide white cowboy hat—-larger
than say, Roy’s, more of a Mexican larger style.  Wearing that
hat and a black snug Speedo type swimming suit.

I don’t know where I got THAT from!  In fact, dreams are just
the craziest things.

I was telling our daughter the other day how remarkable it is that
we not only dream of all these different people—and have the
ability to bring some back from the dead (!), but we also have
them all DRESSED!  Where do we find the time?

Our daughter told me, explained to me really, that our brains
have all this stuff stored up–ready.  I don’t know–that seems
kind of far-fetched.  I’m sure I never took the time to wonder
what Tom Mix’s swimsuit might look like.  I think it’s more
likely that little gremlins have something to do with our

A woman the other night—a nice lady I knew for years in
Pennsylvania–was dressed in a summer sleeveless sheath dress,
(and that is perfectly believable for I think she lived in one)
and wearing some glasses of a gold wire frame type.  She never
would have chosen those and I don’t believe she even wore
glasses . . . but that’s how I had her dressed.

Men might be dressed in casual nice green and gray shirts and
pants–women hurrying along in regular clothes that I’d picked
out for them, perfectly believable.  And kids! how often I dream
of kids–and then again, an old recurring dream of teaching
school  and not having my lesson plans ready!  Horrors.

And speaking of recurring dreams–we all have those, hm?  Mine
usually involve not knowing the way back OUT of wherever I’ve
meandered to in Dreamland—and often the background is in
Rhode Island by the ocean—no, somehow on a big city campus
or mansion—don’t know which way leads to the door out . . .
You know how confusing it gets when you try to explain a
dream to someone . . .  (and like they care.)

O’Half says he usually can’t remember his dreams.  That must
be terrible (or a blessing).  They continue to fascinate me—but
not last week when a fox was chasing me!  Go figure.  (By the
way, the fox was NOT dressed–just regular fox fur outfit.)

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6 Responses to Guess Who I Dreamed about Last Night!

  1. DIL says:

    Your son has been reading a lot about dreams and lucid dreaming … If we can lucid dream I want no part in it! Unless I have a nightmare I don’t remember many dreams , your son on the other hand can give you every tiny detail! I can’t recall a single dream where I saw what people were dressed in… I hope I gave them clothes! 😉

  2. Buttondeb says:

    What did the fox say?

  3. Booksilver says:

    Wasn’t Tom Mix before your time, too? I think you must have gotten cross-wired into someone else’s dream last night.

    • booksandbuttons says:

      Hi Booksilver! Ha–yes, I’m very happy to admit T.M. was before
      my time—-but—–! I have very little control over who appears
      in my dreams! And, to make things a little eerier, when I just now
      looked him up on Wikipedia—there is that wide white hat!!! Gosh.

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