The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins, reporting in

Don’t look!!  Spoiler alert!  Don’t keep reading if you plan to
read this book pretty soon . . .

Omg.  Laura is dead!  What?????  You mean Sir Percival will
inherit after all?  Wait a minute—-what is the scheme here?

Are you taking notes?  About 200 pages to go.  How could the
heroine die?  What about Marian?   Is she OK?  Isn’t there
anyone to help out?  Everyone seems to be a villain.  Will
Walter Hartwright, that nice drawing master, ever return from
his sojourn to Central America?  Will it be too late?

How is a girl supposed to sleep at night with this goings-on?
Who is the Woman in White and how does she figure into this plot?

And more to the point—–how come we never hear about “Nina”–
Laura’s little dog that snapped at Sir Percival?  What happened to
her?  I think Wilkie Collins forgot about her . . .

Book club has a lot to answer for next week (the 21st).  I’ll save a
seat for you.

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  1. Stefanie says:

    Ooh, you are zipping right along! Just wait!

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