Ryka at the Gym

Aaaaargh.   It wasn’t a good day at the gym.  Yes, I do still
go.  Now that I’ve been going for over a year, I have gotten
acquainted and the people are nice.  I still have my favorite
“characters” to keep me amused and they keep the clock
moving for me.  My favorites . . .

are the men who come who are new to the class.  They soon
express a silent opinion on how easy the exercises are and they
begin to do them in double time or balancing on one foot.

But, my concern today was my new sneakers.  I am quite fond
of my old ones:

New Balance sneakers

New Balance sneakers




But they’ve always
been just a little bit
short.  And that
begins to get to you
after a while!  So last week I bit the bullet and stopped in a nearby
athletic store and asked for the same shoe, a little bigger.

The nice young man didn’t have it, but said this ryka has the same
cut, comfort, etc.  I bought them before you could say Jack Robinson.

Ryka ortholites

Ryka ortholites


Today was their debut at class.

Aargh!  they easily must be the ugliest sneakers on the floor!!  What was
I thinking when I bought them?  The
woman in front of me was showing off some cute little blue Skechers
she had bought over the weekend—everybody’s looked cuter–even
the older man ahead of me had pretty spiffy tan leather Ralph Lauren athletic shoes.

Thank God for the lady in the back with the black sneakers that look like oxfords.

Oh, well, mustn’t be vain—and does it all really matter?    (yes!)

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4 Responses to Ryka at the Gym

  1. Booksilver says:

    Jack Robinson!

    (just kidding)

    You should see my running shoes — purple with orange trim. I cringe when I put them on. But they’re comfortable! And I actually think your black with the “hot pink” is kind of spiffy!

  2. Buttondeb says:

    Remember when “sneakers” = Keds, and they came in solid red, or blue, or white? They didn’t offer much in the way of support, but life was simpler with fewer options.
    At least your new sneaks don’t light up when you walk!

    • booksandbuttons says:

      Yes, I do, Buttondeb!— good memory—you must have
      been in your crib. No, they don’t light up, right.

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