Book Club: North River by Pete Hamill

I had read Snow in August by this author a few years ago and
liked it, liked his way of writing.  So this book turned out to be a
disappointment to me . . .

The setting was New York City—North River being the Hudson River–
and we follow Dr. Delaney’s days treating a poor neighborhood of
Irish, Italian, Jewish families—with a few gangsters thrown in for
spice.  The time is The Depression.

The plot was good—his wife has gone missing seven years back
and he’s trying to cope with that—when his daughter, who has also
been gone for years, leaves her little son on his doorstep for him to
take care of.

OK, interesting.  But I’m sorry to say that Hamill drops the ball on this
one and the story becomes kind of a lecture about the history of
New York City, and a contrived series of events leading to a happily
ever after ending.   Hmph!

We only had five members at club last night (I almost wrote “we only
had five buttons at club last night”!)–two liked the book, and three
considered it “so-so”.   I can’t recommend it for your own club.

two small plastic buttons from the 1950s ©booksandbuttons

two small plastic buttons from the 1950s ©booksandbuttons



Two button review.

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